Maruti Suzuki Swift Crashed Into Tata Tiago At A Speed Of Above 100 km/h

Maruti Suzuki Swift crash with Tata Tiago
Image: NikhilRana

On 12th July 2020, a Maruti Suzuki Swift Crashed into Tata Tiago. The story of this tragic incident was told by the owner of Tata Tiago who thankfully escaped unscathed. However, the passengers in Maruti Swift underwent some serious injuries.

The owner of Tata Tiago had sent an email to a YouTuber and Travel Enthusiast, Nikhil Rana, who uploaded a video on his Youtube channel, confirming the incident. Before moving forward, let’s inform you that Tata Tiago has an overall four-star safety rating in the global NCAP crash test whereas Swift holds only two stars. Well, it’s not about bragging safety ratings of any car. It’s more like a timely reminder of why you should always be alert while driving. Maybe you can be more careful after reading this.

Tata Tiago and Maruti Swift accident
Image: Nikhil Rana

Here’s the complete story and its after impact result of the incident.

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Maruti Swift And Tata Tiago Accident

maruti Suzuki Swift after impact with Tata Tiago
Image: Nikhil Rana

According to the owner of Tata Tiago, the accident happened when he was traveling back from his office. He had his wife and son along with him inside the car. He said he was driving at a speed of around 80-85 km/h whereas, in his opinion, the hatchback approaching from opposite had a speed of over 100 km/h.

The owner of Tata Tiago said he tried to pull his car to the left side to prevent the accident. Despite his efforts, Maruti Swift hit the owner’s car on the right side, making a major impact on the driver’s side door. Tata Tiago flipped twice before returning to a stationary position, however, the engine was still running. The guy said that doors of the car got jammed and glass was partially broken. To get out of the car he broke the window glass with his elbow, came out, and rescued his wife and son.

Tata Tiago accident
Image: Nikhil Rana

On the other hand, the front side of the swift was completely destroyed. The engine and other parts were scattered on the road. As per the report, there were four passengers traveling in the car. Though both the airbags of the car opened on time, three passengers went to the hospital in an ambulance.

We hope that all three passengers are home safe and sound.

There Might Be More Than That

Maruti Suzuki Swift accident

Maruti Suzuki is always teased by many people due to their not up to the mark built quality. However, it’s obvious that both the cars had their driver side taken most of the impact but only the Swift was damaged badly.

Just as Tiago rolled over after the impact, it might have been possible for Swift to roll over or hit another obstacle after the first impact. Any of which could have caused a greater impact on Swift. Well, it’s purely based on the assumptions and also it can’t change the fact that Swift is below Tiago in terms of safety.

More than that what’s important is to drive slowly and carefully. We have reported some accident cases and overspeeding is the root cause in most of them. In the end, we would like to say stay safe and try to buy cars with better built quality.

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