Mark Zuckerberg May Not Be The Programming Whiz You Thought


Facebook is undoubtedly the most preferred social networking website for millions of users. The social media giant is now a significant part of our lives or should I say — we are living a significant part of our lives on Facebook.

However, digging up Zuckerberg’s performance as a programmer revealed that he isn’t the genius we believed him to be. His performance on TopCoder, a site where coders get ranked on their coding skills, is quite mediocre actually.

TopCoder has ratings displayed on member profiles from Red (highest rating tier) to Yellow, Blue, Green, and Grey. Mark’s profile on the site is at the ‘green’ level which is the second last level coding skills.

mark zuckerberg topcoderNevertheless, he is a skilled software engineer and an adept businessman but as far as his coding skills are concerned, Zuckerberg isn’t at par with the uppermost tier of proficient coders.

In fact, the application he wrote was quite basic and was improved during its journey as he went on to hire some of the brilliant minds who turned Facebook into the exemplary piece of programming it is.

Actually, he was a student of psychology, not computer science, at Harvard. So more than his coding skills, Zuckerberg’s success can be attributed to a good idea (of creating Facebook), his persistence, and sheer luck.

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Manisha Priyadarshini

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