Hear Margot Robbie’s Barbie Voice In This New Set Video!

"Ready for fun?"

Margot robbie barbie voice
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There has been a lot of secrecy surrounding the upcoming Barbie film, and it hasn’t stopped. But now, several set videos and photos have surfaced on the internet in recent days. And in recent footage, Margot Robbie’s Barbie voice is heard for the first time as she roller skates down the street with go star America Ferrera.

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While there has been much speculation about what the Barbie movie will entail, Robbie stated that she wants to defy expectations. It appears to be very much conforming to what most people expected.

Hear Robbie’s voice as Barbie

A new Barbie set video, shared by the Twitter account @margotswhore, shows the I, Tonya star filming a scene on rollerblades. Alongside her is her co-star America Ferrera, whose mystery character appears to play a significant role in the film.

Aside from showing off her pink bell bottoms, the most exciting reveal from this set video is the first sound of Robbie’s voice as Barbie. Watch the set video to hear Robbie’s Barbie voice below:

This is just one of many images from the Barbie movie that have surfaced online since the first image. It showed Robbie in the character’s signature pink convertible, debuted at CinemaCon. However, this is the first time the public has heard Robbie’s Barbie voice.

Though some of the dialogue is inaudible, she can be heard shouting “Ready for fun?” right before taking Ferrera’s hand. Although it is a small sample, it should give fans an idea of the creative choices Robbie is making in her portrayal of the iconic doll.

Based on this set video, it appears that Robbie is drawing inspiration for the character’s signature high-pitched voice from previous portrayals while also adding her ineffable touch reminiscent of her portrayal of Harley Quinn. The much-anticipated Barbie film will not be released until July 21, 2023. So expect many more previews of Robbie’s voice between now and then.

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