Microsoft And Facebook To Lay 6600 KM 160 Tbps Transatlantic Cable For Faster Speed


MAREA-CableShort Bytes: Microsoft and Facebook will lay a transatlantic cable of length 6600 km which will transfer data up to 160 Tbps. This cable will be laid from Virginia beach in the US to Bilbao in Spain. This project is expected to be completed and functional in 2017.

Microsoft and Facebook are planning to lay down a 6600 km long transatlantic cable which can cater the need of high demand for internet bandwidth.

The transatlantic cable will be laid between the USA and Spain. The cable will start from Virginia Beach, Virginia, to a data hub in Bilbao in Spain.

This trend of laying cross-ocean cable was started by Google back in 2010 when a cable named Unity was laid across the Pacific between the United States and Japan.

This decision by Facebook and Microsoft might have come because the demand for bandwidth has increased in recent times. A few years ago, the bandwidth demand was met by the traditional telecom companies but now content provider companies want to do economic investment in their own infrastructure.

Like Unity, this cable will be called by the name of Marea which translates to tide in Spanish. Marea will have the capacity to transmit 160 terabits of data per second.

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If we look at the current potential capacity across the Atlantic, then it has the capacity of around 337 terabits of data and when Marea will be included in 2017, it will come online with almost 40 percent of the total bandwidth.

Marea will be designed to be interoperable with different kinds of networking equipment which will bring many benefits to customers like lower costs and easier equipment upgrades.

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