Meet Manjaro Linux Gaming 16.06 — An Arch Linux-based Linux Distro For Gamers


meet-manjaro-linux-gaming-16-06-an-arch-linux-based-distroShort Bytes: It’s time to meet Manjaro Linux Gaming, an Arch Linux-based operating system that’s designed for gaming. This Linux distro comes with many open source software and emulators to assist you in gaming. The overall settings of the OS have been adjusted to suit the needs of gamers.

Manjaro Linux, based on Arch Linux, is known for its user-friendliness and accessibility. Arch Linux is itself famous for being lightweight, fast and powerful. Manjaro Linux takes the great features of Arch and leaves behind its technicality, making itself a bleeding edge Linux distro.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to a community edition of Manjaro Linux operating system that is focused specifically on gamers. Build on top of Arch Linux, Manjaro Linux Gaming comes with numerous tools to assist you in gaming.

This gaming operating system comes with a highly customizable Xfce desktop that has been given a dark makeover to make things easy on your eyes.

“I set XFCE Start Menu, File Manager, and everything to Dark Theme. So, it will be a lot easy for your eyes,” the developer explains.

As expected, Manjaro Linux Gaming comes preloaded with a long list of open source software for gamers. To make gaming hassle-free, the developer has turned off the Sleep Mode by default.

The first proper release of Manjaro Linux Gaming 16.06 will be released after the release of upcoming Manjaro Linux 16.06 “Daniella” that will bring numerous applications to the project. These applications include Audacity, Conky Manager, KdenLIVE, Mumble, OBS Studio, OpenShot, PlayOnLinux, Shutter, Skype, VirtualBox, and Wine.

Manjaro Linux 16.06 will feature various game emulators like DeSmuME, Dolphin Emulator, DOSBox, Fceux, Gens/GS, PCSXR, PCSX2, PPSSPP, Stella, VBA-M, Yabause, and ZSNES.

Talking about the Terminal add-ons, Monjaro Gaming brings Color, ILoveCandy, and Screenfetch.

— Via Softpedia

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