Manjaro 21.3 “Ruah” Released! Here’s What’s New

GNOME 42, Plasma 5.24, 5.15 LTS, and more!


The Manjaro team has released Manjaro 21.3 and they’re calling it “Ruah.” The word “Ruah” has Hebrew origins and it means Spirit. Let’s look at everything that’s new in the Manjaro 21.3 release.

What’s new in Manjaro 21.3

Manjaro GNOME

Manjaro 21.3 features version 3.2 of the Calamares installer. The release also shops with support for more LUKS partitions (Linux Unified Key Setup) which are used to encrypt data. “Users module now has lists of forbidden login- and host-names, to avoid settings that will mess up the install,” said Philm of the Manjaro team in the release post.

The GNOME edition of Manjaro 21.3 ships with the latest GNOME 42, bringing system-wide dark UI and themes. If you want to learn more about GNOME 42, check out our article.

The Plasma variant of 21.3 ships with Plasma 5.24. Plasma is known for its extensive customization options and the latest Plasma version adds more of it. You can stick the Desktop Panels to the edges and use multiple desktops using the overview effect.

The Xfce variant on the other hand has also received lots of improvements starting from the support for fractional scaling, one of the most requested features. Other than that, there are lots of quality of life improvements like search improvements in the settings manager, fixes in the Thunar file manager, support for queued file transfer, etc.

Last but not the least, Ruah ships with the latest LTS Linux kernel 5.15. You can download Manjaro 21.3 “Ruah” using the link below.


Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

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