‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 1 Lands On Netflix This November

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Manifest Season 4
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Since Manifest Season 3 ended in June 2021, viewers have been left with questions and some nail-biting drama in the season finale. However, shortly after season three concluded, NBC announced that the series would not be renewed for a fourth season.

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As a result of their outrage, the show’s ardent followers started an online petition to bring it back. And Netflix eventually acquired Manifest for season 4, which is expected to wrap up the show. Thanks to the fan campaign and a significant increase in streaming viewership. Finally, audiences are learning when they can anticipate its return.

In a nutshell, Manifest tells the tale of commercial airliner Flight 828, which vanished shortly after takeoff. And it later surfaces with all of its crew and passengers more than five years after they were believed to have died.

For everyone on the flight, the time jump is represented by some turbulence. And when they return to their normal lives, they all notice that a lot has changed since they left. What’s even stranger is that the returned passengers and crew start hearing voices in their heads and having visions of events that haven’t even occurred.

Manifest season 4 release date set for fall

It’s Just over two months after releasing the first footage from the final season. And now Netflix has confirmed the release date for Manifest Season 4. The supernatural drama will return this fall on November 4, with the show’s dramatic final season divided into two halves. An Official announcement on the second half of the show is yet to be confirmed.

Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger. We saw Angelina kill Grace and abduct her daughter Eden. And with a now-adult Cal visiting Grace right before she passed away, viewers have been impatiently awaiting the release of Manifest season 4. When Dr. Gupta saw the pilot of Flight 828 emerge in the recreated jet and vanish with it, viewers of the show were even more surprised.

This further raised doubts about the nature of the plane and the passengers’ first disappearance. In addition to promising to address all of these issues, Manifest Season 4 will also involve a two-year time jump.

While the release date for Manifest Season 4 is sure to please fans, the announcement that it would be split into two parts of ten episodes each continues an unusual trend from Netflix recently. The streaming platform took a similar approach when releasing Stranger Things season 4.

It ultimately benefited them by breaking multiple viewership records across both parts. While Lucifer season 6, which also marked the final chapter of the show Netflix saved from cancellation and drew a large audience for.

Only time will tell if Manifest’s devoted fan base can produce similar streaming success when Season 4 debuts on November 4.

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