Mangalyaan Sends Pictures of Phobos, the Mars Moon


mars-moon-phobos-mangalyan-pictures-red-planetIndia’s Mars orbiter mission Mangalyaan successfully entered the orbit of mars around three weeks ago and now it is sending pictures from the Red Planet.

ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission, has sent picture of the Mars moon Phobos. Pbobos is Red Planet’s largest of two natural satellites.

ISRO has tweeted a tiny video of pictures of Phobos. They captioned the tweet as:

“The larger of the two Martian moons, Phobos, is seen travelling west to east over Mars in its typical orbit.”

Moons of Mars were discovered long back in 1877. Phobos is a small heavenly body of irregular shape of mean radius 11km, it is seven times the other moon of Mars i.e. Deimos.

“The larger of the two Martian moons, Phobos, is seen traveling west to east over Mars in its typical orbit. The images were taken from an altitude of 66,275km,” Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) wrote on Facebook.

This Rs 450-crore project of India’s Mars mission is the world’s cheapest space mission. With this mission, India became the first Asian country to reach Mars and the first nation in the world to do this successfully in its very first attempt.

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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