Man Who Lost 8,000 Bitcoins Now Has A $11 Million Revival Plan

Man Who Lost 8,000 Bitcoins Now Has A $11 Million Revival Plan
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You might not remember James Howells – the man who 8,000 bitcoins by accidentally chucking his hard drive in the dumpster. Since then, Howells has made his life a mission to find the lost drive and use the password in it to reclaim his lost digital treasure.

When he lost his hard drive back in 2013, the price of Bitcoin was around $1100. Now, even after a jaw-dropping crash, the value stands at $21000 dollars which is 21 times what it was in 2013.

Needless to say that Howells suffered a tragedy that took away his chances of becoming a multi-millionaire. However, he still hasn’t given up on the idea of finding his riches which are literally buried under a huge pile of trash.

James Howells: A new plan to find lost Bitcoins

James Howells has conceived an elaborate plan to bring back the hard drive out of the dump and it involves using a lot of technological elements. He has even convinced a few investors to fund his “ingenious” $11 million plan to make the search successful.

His idea even involves using two Boston dynamics robots which will single-handedly suck $150,000 from the $11 million budget. Making matters even more comical, he already has assigned names to the two robots: Satoshi and HAL.

It all sounds like a plot of a feature film but the chances of it becoming a reality are very slim. Howells has repeatedly tried to convince the authorities to allow him to dig the site where the said hard drive is assumed to exist.

But the city council hasn’t entertained any of his requests, let alone a personal meeting with him. Howells even promised to donate 25% percent of his findings to the city but even that wasn’t enough to convince the council.

James howells
Image: Gizmodo

Digging up the trash site could have grave health implications for the nearby residents and the environment. Gizmodo reports that it can release greenhouse gases like methane or otherwise unearth hazardous materials.

James Howells has unwavering enthusiasm to reclaim his lost riches but his plans don’t seem realistic enough to come to fruition. Do you want to invest in this uncommon plan? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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