Man Jumps From A Plane At 25,000 Feet Without Parachute

Death defying stunt.

man jumps from plane without a parachute
Luke Aikins

Most people have a fear of heights but not this man. Luke Aikins is an American professional skydiver, BASE jumper, pilot, and aerial photographer. In 2016, Aikins became the first man to jump from an aircraft without a parachute or wingsuit at 25,000 feet.

His stunt was called ‘Heaven Sent’ and was live-streamed on Fox Television (watch the video here). During the fall, he reached a terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour (193 km/h). After two minutes of freefall, Aikins successfully landed on a net outside Simi Valley, California.

The net was made from Spectra, a high-density polyethylene cord, and four compressed air cylinders. It was designed to slow him down after impact.

Man jumps from a plane without a parachute

Before the stunt, Aikins also ran into some problems. Since the jump was airing on live television, he was advised to wear a parachute for safety. However, that would’ve made his landing more dangerous because of the extra weight.

Thankfully, everything went right as planned, and he safely landed right into the net. After landing, he went and embraced his wife and young son. One can only imagine the adrenaline rush pumping through his brain.

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Death-defying stuntman

Aikins was 42 years old when he attempted the stunt. According to the New York Times, Aikins has completed more than 18,000 jumps since he started skydiving at age 12. He has also worked on many stunts in Hollywood films, including Marvel’s “Iron Man 3.” 

He is the second man to intentionally jump from a plane and land safely without a parachute or wingsuit. The first skydiver to attempt this impossible feat was Gary Connery, who wore a wingsuit to aid his landing. Countless others have also tried this feat, with the first successes dating back to 1965.

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