Man Hires “Hacker” to Erase $16,000 Fine, Actually Hires Undercover Cop and Goes to Prison


Computer-police-hackerShort Bytes: What is the worst thing that could happen when you hire a hacker to conduct some criminal activity? Yes, police comes knocking your door because you were fooled into hiring an undercover cop. Along the similar lines, read this story about Zachary Landis and how he landed in prison.

Craigslist is a great place to see advertisements related to jobs, housing, service and hiring people to perform some specific work. Keeping this fact in mind, Lancaster PA resident Zachary Landis decided to hire a ‘hacker’ from Craigslist.

He had about $16,000 in outstanding fines to the Lancaster County as he was accused of several assaults and two DUI convictions. This huge fine inspired him to visit the website and hire a hacker who could erase the court fine record.

As he expected, a hacker, who was actually a detective, emailed him and asked for the case ID numbers of his previous convictions.

Landis asked the detective to erase a small debt as a proof of his skills before paying. Well, things didn’t happen as Landis planned and the police traced him back with his ID numbers and contact details.

In the court, he pleaded guilty to felony counts of computer trespassing, tampering with public records and unlawful use of the computer. Last week, he was jailed at least for two years and he still has to pay his $16,000 fine.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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