How To Make Telegram Stickers With Zero Experience?

Make new memes by yourself.


Telegram’s popularity has skyrocketed within no time, mostly due to controversies surrounding its competitor WhatsApp. Despite such a sudden change, users have realized the beauty of Telegram. The app is filled with features like bots and channels and can even act as pseudo-social media. One of the features that have gone unnoticed is that users can create their own Telegram stickers and upload them to the app.

But how to make such stickers and use them to get the most out of this chatting app? Well, you don’t need to worry cause we have got you covered.

How to make stickers for Telegram?

It is quite simple to make these stickers, even for someone with zero expertise.

1. Take a base image for your sticker, e.g., memes, famous personality, etc.

2. Remove image background. You may use this website for convenience.

shiba inu sticker

3. Set the resolution as 512×512 pixels using any editing software available to you. A small piece of advice would be to add some quotes or dialog to make it more interesting.

4. Save the file in PNG format.

5. As for the icon for your sticker pack, it must be a PNG image with a transparent background with resolution 100×100 pixels.

How to upload stickers to Telegram

To upload your own stickers to Telegram, you can use the sticker bot. You can also use Telegram for MacTelegram for Windows, or Telegram Web for designing and uploading the stickers, as it might be easier that way.

1. Open Telegram and search for Stickers.

2. Select the Sticker bot and press Start.

3. type in /newpack and assign a name for your sticker.

4. Upload your sticker and send it without compression. You can do this by clicking on the 3 dots on the top-right side. Note – The image should be sent as a file.

5. Select an emoji that corresponds to your first sticker.

6. Now, you can keep uploading multiple stickers by following steps 4 and 5.

7. When you have finished uploading stickers, type /publish and upload the icon for your sticker pack. You can also skip this step by typing /skip. Apps will use the first sticker of your pack as its icon.

8. Pick a short name (unique) for your sticker pack, and Telegram will give you a link to share it.

9. Click on the link to add your Sticker pack.

10. Now, you can use these stickers freely and share the link with your family and friends too. Note – You can also use commands /packstats and /stats to get usage stats for a whole pack and a specific sticker, respectively.

This is just one of the many cool things you can do with Telegram using bots and channels. Creativity on Telegram is unhinged with unique user-created bots and popular channels. Search deep enough, and you might even find a new hobby or some interesting new tool to play with.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

Nalin is a tech writer who covers VR, gaming, awesome new gadgets, and the occasional trending affairs of the tech industry. He has been writing about tech and gaming since he started pursuing Journalism in college. He has also previously worked in print organizations like The Statesman and Business Standard. In his free time, he plays FPS games and explores virtual reality. Reach out to him at @NalinRawat
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