Make Robots and IoT Devices Using Microsoft’s New Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit


windows-10-iot-core-starter-kit-adafruit-boxShort Bytes: Microsoft has partnered with Adafruit to bring the Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit. This kit contains all the essential electronics parts along with a Raspberry Pi 2 board preloaded with Windows 10 IoT Core.

Last year, along with the announcement of Windows 10, Microsoft revealed that it’ll be releasing a free and stripped down version of Windows 10 for the Internet of Things focused devices. This OS was released as Windows 10 IoT core and you can read here how to mount your Windows 10 image on Raspberry Pi 2.

To showcase the capabilities of its IoT-focused operating system, Microsoft has partnered with Adafruit to release a new Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit. Microsoft spokesperson Steve Teixeira says that the kit “is designed to get you started quickly and easily on your path of learning either electronics or Windows 10 IoT Core and the Raspberry Pi 2.”

This Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit consists of a set of sensors, electronics, parts, wires, and cables that will work with Windows 10 IoT core. You’ll also get an SD card preloaded with Windows 10 IoT core, sample code, and other documentation.

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With Windows 10 IoT core, you can make your own smart robot that can be controlled using a joystick, or you can try to create a home monitoring system. This IoT dedicated OS has the capability to make great things when combined with the Raspberry Pi 2.

Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit

The Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit contains:

  • Adafruit Raspberry Pi B+ Case – Smoke Base / Clear Top
  • Full-Size Breadboard
  • Premium Male/Male Jumper Wires – 20 x 6″ (150mm)
  • Premium Female/Male ‘Extension’ Jumper Wires – 20×6″
  • Miniature WiFi Module – Official Raspberry Pi Edition
  • 5V 2A Switching Power Supply w/ 6′ MicroUSB Cable
  • Assembled Adafruit BMP280 Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • Assembled TCS34725 RGB Color Sensor
  • MCP3008 – 8 Channel 10-Bit ADC With SPI Interface –
  • Ethernet Cable – 5 foot long
  • Electronic components in Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit
    • 1x Photo Cell
    • 2x Breadboard Trim Potentiometer
    • 5x 10K 5% 1/4W Resistor
    • 5x 560 ohm 5% 1/4W Resistor
    • 1x Diffused 10mm Blue LED
    • 1x Electrolytic Capacitor – 1.0uF
    • 1x Diffused 10mm Red LED
    • 1x Diffused 10mm Green LED
    • 3x 12mm Tactile Switches

You can grab the Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit for $114.95 at If you wish to buy one without a Raspberry Pi, you can get the kit for $39.99. Unfortunately, the kit was out of stock minutes after it was listed on Adafruit. However, you can register your email on the website and get notified.

You can also take a look at Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit on Amazon.

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