How To Make Electricity And Fire From A Lemon In One Minute?


lemon battery electricityShort Bytes: You might have come across the concept of a lemon battery in your high school days. While a lemon battery can’t be used for powering up bulbs and fans, it’s a great educational way to demonstrate how a battery works.

If I call lemons a perfect battery that produces little electricity and fire, you might not believe me. Unlike rubbing two sticks together and generating friction, the process of turning a lemon into a working battery is pretty simple.

Apart from a healthy lemon, you need copper and zinc electrodes, some steel wool and a small piece of wire. While chances remain thin that you’ll find all these objects if you are stuck in the woods, it’s a useful way to understand the science behind the working of a bettery.

How does a lemon battery work:

The battery doesn’t get energy from the lemon. Instead, the chemical change in zinc — its oxidation — exchanges some electrons in order to reach a lower energy state and releases the energy. The lemon acts as an electrolyte and environment where electrons can move and reaction could take place.

Take a look and try it yourself:

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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