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zuckerberg-live-Q&AShort Bytes: On Tuesday Zuckerberg did his first live streaming Q&A session from Facebook’s Menlo Park, California headquarters. We have listed some of his interesting ideas and opinions. Check out the article for more.

While watching Zuckerberg’s live Q&A session, we realized that he had an answer ready for almost all the questions. Although, he was taken aback and he was speechless for a moment when someone asked about his daughter’s future who right now is merely a month’s old.

Zuckerberg has a clear understanding of his future projects as he mentioned some interesting points in his almost one-hour Q&A session. Amongst all, Artificial Intelligence and the Virtual Reality came out as his pet favorites. Here are some of his noteworthy ideas from yesterday’s session.

1. A Dislike Button Would Be Interesting

The first question and by far the most frequently asked question is about having several options in Facebook, especially Dislike. Good news fellas, Facebook is working on it.

Finally, you have a way to show “empathy” to your ex and all those irritating selfie freaks. Although, it would be hurting to downvote someone’s important moments. So, when you get the power, use it wisely.

2. Facebook As An Educational Platform

Zuckerberg said Facebook as an education platform would be phenomenal as it would give an equal opportunity to all the people to learn. is one such community project according to him. Facebook as a global company has a responsibility towards people welfare as well.

3. Artificial Intelligence: Future And Its key

Zuckerberg calls himself an optimist when it comes to machines and the AI future. The technology could provide its usefulness in fields of healthcare, automobile, and other sciences. The Artificial Intelligence at an advanced level can also be used for viewer discretion of photos and videos on Facebook which would be much faster and efficient than people flagging the posts. Zuckerberg had even predicted of the world supported with AI.

And he stresses that with the current level of our technology the uprise of machines is nowhere near. So just chill.

4. Video Chat and Virtual Reality

Facebook is rolling out Facebook video chat for a better communication experience for the users and as for Virtual Reality, it is an obvious next step. Videos are just static, but with virtual reality you can immerse yourself and your friends in the experience.

You wouldn’t want a video after 10 years, you would want to be there. Yes, Mark, we would love that. Again, AI would be a key feature to provide the amazing experience.

5. Facebook Won’t Live Forever

Facebook will continue to grow and in the next 5 years it could become a cult of a community, but it won’t live forever. Remember what happened to Orkut and MySpace.

Zuckerberg acknowledges that Facebook will come to an end someday and his goal is not to exist forever but to do the right thing and bring a change in the world.

Facebook’s next Q&A session on September 27 is expected to be even more interesting as Zuckerberg will host Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his guest.

Stay tuned to fossBytes for more updates. You can watch the video of September 15 live Q&A session below.

Townhall Q&A: September 15, 2015Here’s the video from today’s Townhall Q&A at Facebook. People from around the world asked questions about education, science, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, my future daughter and of course the dislike button. It was great to hear everyone’s questions and feedback. Thanks for watching!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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