How Magic Leap Lumin Could Turn Your Home Into A “Mixed Reality OS”

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Magic Leap Lumin OS real world environment

Believe it or not, smartphones have reached the saturation point in our lives. At least in my case, I am not very excited about the latest launches that happen almost every day. We want something new, and we may find it in virtual and mixed reality-based tech that has a lot of surprising elements still left.

Magic Leap is working on Lumin OS – a mixed reality OS that would make photos, apps, etc., float across your home. The startup has added details in its developer documentation, and mock-up images of the not-yet-released OS are spreading on the web.

It’s being designed to run on the Magic Leap One headset that’s currently available for creators only. While seeing something like this gives a feeling that everything will be in 3D, the focus seems to be on the 2D side. Apparently, 2D interfaces are more comfortable to navigate.

The apps designed for Lumin are categorized as landscape (2D) and immersive apps. The landscape apps are more on the flatter side with some depth. They are contained in a virtual box called Prism. Talking of immersive apps, they would offer more than just 3D stuff lying somewhere in the house.

In addition to playing with apps themselves, users would be able to share the views of apps with their friends. Details about how it will be done aren’t known yet.

One of the important aspects of building AR/VR tech is usability. Magic Leap is already busy developing a controller-less experience for their headset. For Lumin OS, it’s adding other input methods include support for Bluetooth keyboard, smartphone app, etc.

Magic Leap has put up resources on its website for interesting developers to get started. It might look pleasing in the pictures, but Lumin OS is yet to make past assumptions and Sci-Fi like expectations — that won’t happen until Magic Leap comes with some end product.

Via TechCrunch

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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