Madlad Annihilates Elden Ring Players With This ‘Killing Machine’ Build

There's no counter to this, the only option is to run away.

Madlad Annihilates Elden Ring Players With This 'Killing Machine' Build
Screengrab: YouTube Adam Barker

Finally, an Elden Ring player has done the unthinkable, a build that will put the greatest of Elden Ring players to shame. Meanwhile, if you see this horrific fight unfolding before your eyes where an Elden Ring player demolishes other players, you better run; since you don’t stand a chance of putting up a fight against this killing machine Elden Ring build.

The build is the brainchild of a YouTuber named Adam Barker, who he calls a “Mech suit.” At the same time, the so-called mech suit is a sight to behold; it’s not so pleasing to watch if you’re on the receiving end of it. Meanwhile, if you think about being a higher-level player, you can probably counter it; think again. You can counter it by simply running away from the horrific thing.

If, by far, you think we’re somewhat exaggerating this ‘Mech suit’ Elden Ring build, have a look for yourself in the video.

It’s a continuous fire-spitting build

Now that you’ve seen what this Elden Ring build looks like let’s talk about it. This mech builds, or the Elden Ring killing machine, throws a bombardment of projectiles at the enemy players. As the build is based on the “Unendurable Frenzy” incantation, players need to have a particular level in-game to access the very powerful frenzy spells in Elden Ring. However, the Unendurable Frenzy is not the only spell in this build, as keeping the projectiles pouring is not possible with a single spell.

Instead, Barker has used multiple spells to buff the build further, making you near-invincible in Elden Ring while raining hellfire on your enemies. Meanwhile, Barker still hasn’t revealed how the Mech suit works. However, judging from the video, the build uses Ironjar Aromatic, which turns the user’s body into steel. What this means is that Ironjar Aromatic helps the player to not stagger difficult, making their attacks continuous and uninterrupted. Second, Barker added two “Flask of Wondrous Physick,” one with “Cerulean Hidden Tear” and another with “Crimsonwhorl bubbletear.” While Cerulean hidden tear eliminates all FP consumption, the Crimsonwhorl bubbletear helps convert the damage received into HP.

All this in the Flask of Wondrous Physick combined makes for the player to temporarily make all spells cost zero while converting all damage to HP. On top of that, this Elden Ring build to have a “Dragon Communion Seal,” which scales with faith and arcane, further scaling the incantations. Looking at the whole picture, you get a build that can’t be interrupted and feeds off the enemy’s attacks. As we discussed earlier, there is no option but to run away from this demonic Elden Ring build.

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