MacBook Glowing Apple Logo Could Make A Comeback, Thanks To This New Apple Patent

Apple is reviving another iconic design.

MacBook glowing apple logo
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A new Apple patent shows that the company could bring back the glowing Apple logo on future MacBooks. Apple dropped the backlit logo from its MacBook lineup in 2017 and replaced it with a shiny metallic logo that we see on the latest Macbooks. According to the new patent, Apple could revive the glowing logo with completely new technology working behind the scenes.

For the uninitiated, older Apple MacBooks came with a glowing Apple logo at the back of the screen. The glow was the result of a semi-transparent cutout on the back panel of the screen that let some light escape into the shape of an Apple logo. While it looked amazing, there were some downsides to this design. For instance, if users were working in sunlight or had a light source directly behind the screen, the cutout would send a flare of light toward the display. This meant users would see a diffused flare on the screen, despite full brightness.

Removal of the glowing Apple logo from the MacBook meant that Apple could give it a stronger screen panel and also resolve the flaring issue. However, the company has been reviving its brands recently, and the backlit logo could be the next example of the same. A recent patent details how the company plans to achieve the glowing Apple logo without compromising the display experience.

How will the glowing Apple logo on MacBook make a comeback?

new MacBook Pro Notch
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A report from Patently Apple says that the patent talks about the future MacBook that could be made out of glass, metal, polymer, ceramic, or use exotic materials like sapphire, or a combination of all these elements. The back panel of the said MacBook could have a dedicated housing for the Apple logo. According to the patent, this housing will pack a backlit, partially-reflective mirror. This mirror will show a glowing Apple logo while also concealing the internals of the display from view.

Apple could also use thin-film layers to manipulate the degree and colour of illumination. This way, the company could colour-match the glowing Apple logo with the color of the MacBook. For instance, a gold logo for a gold MacBook. The current MacBook lineup has the same Apple logo across the Air and Pro models. The colour-matched backlit logo could give the MacBook a heightened esthetic appeal.

The company recently revived the MagSafe connector for MacBooks and is now patenting to bring back the glowing logo. It also removed the Touch Bar from the new MacBook Pros and, before it, changed the controversial butterfly keyboard from Pro models. One can notice a pattern in Apple trying out new things, taking feedback from users, and accordingly plotting a course. Do you think Apple will also remove the notch from upcoming MacBooks and bring back the wedged design? Let us know in the comments.

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