Apple Debuts The Mac Studio Desktop With New M1 Ultra SoC

See you, Mac Mini.


While everyone thought Apple would debut the next generation of Apple Silicon, the company had more plans. Apple unveiled the Mac Studio, a pro desktop Mac focused on creators that need all the performance they can. Moreover, the Mac Studio comes with Apple’s new addition of the M1 chips, the M1 Ultra.

M1 Ultra is a brand-new chip that aims to provide double the performance of the M1 Max by literally using two M1 Max dies. Likewise, the Mac Studio housing the M1 Ultra is a powerhouse with significant hardware improvements on paper.

The unique thing about the new Mac (apart from its performance) is its form factor. The Mac Studio is a tiny box that looks like a superior Mac Mini. With its small form factor, the new desktop Mac is a hit for power users that require portability.

mac studio specifications
Screengrab: Apple.

Further, the connectivity ports include four Thunderbolt 4 ports at the front, another four at the back, a gigabit ethernet port, two USB Type-A ports, an HDMI port, and a pro audio jack. All in all, the new portable powerhouse Mac has a lot of ports.

About half of the Mac Studio’s interior consists of a curated thermal system to keep the hardware cool in extreme conditions. Moreover, the new Mac desktop comes in various variants with two chip options: the M1 Max and M1 Ultra.

Apple proudly showed performance improvements of the new Mac Studio over its other Macs via charts without accurate numbers. Here’s a glimpse of the new Mac’s performance as shown by Apple.

Apple really loves the M1 Ultra, and it’s extremely powerful on paper. Apart from the new desktop machine and the chip, the tech giant also launched a Studio Display to pair with your new Mac, which has a pro-grade screen.

Mac Studio price and availability

The Mac Studio with M1 Max starts at $1999, and the M1 Ultra variant will cost you $3999. If you decide to get the Studio Display too, that will cost you $1599 more.

Other Apple Peek Performance event launches include the new iPhone SE 3 and a new iPad Air 5.

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