Fresh M2 MacBook Air Internal Photos Reveal What’s New Under The Hood

M2 MacBook Air internals revealed

Image: Apple

Apple’s MacBooks are one of the top-selling products of the company. It provides exceptional functionality coupled with several useful features. The M2 MacBook Air is all set to hit the shelves later this week, and we now have its internals revealed in a hands-on picture of the redesigned notebook.

What’s inside?

Although there aren’t a lot of published reviews yet, and we couldn’t see all the inside or the outside details of the original WWDC hands-on, some sources have provided the internal images of the M2 MacBook Air. The images look at the headphone jack, speakers, hinges, and USB C ports.

The connectors on the laptop are the standard found in Apple products. However, the pictures also show that the speakers are in the hinge, unlike a keyboard in MacBook Pros.

The audio quality of the M2 MacBook Air is also likely to take a massive hit due to the speaker placement. Although, we will have to wait and see how this works in real-world performance.

The other two pictures look at the force touch trackpad and battery cells. It appears more like a classic three-part Apple battery as the Force Touch trackpad is similar.

Apple’s cooling system for the MacBook Air features a huge heat sink covered in graphite tape for efficient thermal conductivity.

MacBook Air Midnight color

The Midnight colorway of the MacBook Air is truly unique and exquisite. Although, it looks bluer in the images than the Apple product renders and hands-on pictures from WWDC. It could also be just the lighting. There is no way to verify until the device is launched in the market on Friday.

The Apple M2 MacBook Air is a highly anticipated laptop, and with the success of the M1 devices, there are high expectations attached to the product. The first sight of the images does ensure that it will encompass the right hardware, which maintains the company’s high standards.

We can expect to find more detailed images of the particular chips and, most specifically, the M2 in the next few days as we edge closer to the launch of the laptop on July 15.



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