The M1X MacBook Pro To Come With UHS-II SD Card Slot, 32GB Memory

The SD card slot can make its way back to the Mac

MacBook Pro UHS-II SD card slot
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Fresh leaks on the M1X MacBook Pro suggest that the next generation will feature a UHS-II SD card slot. Seeing the scarce connectivity options on the current MacBook lineup, this would be a nice edition.

AppleTrack also says that the upcoming M1X MacBook Pro will also be limited to only up to 32GB RAM or unified storage. We should take this with a grain of salt because bigger MacBooks have always had the RAM advantage of up to 64GB. However, coming back to the UHS-II storage, it could really make a difference for the MacBook Pro.

M1X MacBook Pro: Why UHS-II Is A Good Addition?

For the uninitiated, UHS stands for ultra-high-speed. The faster the storage read-write speed, the faster you can copy and paste data to it. UHS-II has read speeds as high as 312 MP/s. This makes it significantly faster for data transfer.

For people looking forward to the M1X MacBook Pro for photo and video editing, the inclusion of a UHS-II SD card slot is great news. This would translate to less time spent in data transfer. Also, brands like Sony and SanDisk are already making UHS-II cards.

The leaks also suggest that the Pro will bring back HDMI and MagSafe. While MagSafe is expected to return in multiple reports now, we don’t think HDMI will make its way back on the MacBook.

So far, there are multiple leaks on the upcoming M1X lineup. You can refer to our M1X MacBook Pro rumor roundup for everything we know about the next-gen MacBooks.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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