Lyrebird AI Voice Clone
Image: Mikael Nyberg/Flickr

Journalist Ashlee Vance was able to make his mom believe that she wasn’t talking to a computer. Thanks to Lyrebird – an AI startup that is based out of Canada.

So, what’s their USP? The AI algorithm developed by Lyrebird can replicate almost anyone’s voice after listening to just one minute of the person’s voice recording. The output produced is compelling, but for a more realistic computerized voice, it requires a few hours of high-quality video recordings. Still, it needs to improve.

It may sound creepy when the first thing that comes to our mind is the negative consequences of AI. But Lyrebird has been in the news for a while, and it has many useful applications on the table.

The AI can be used to create custom voices for human-computer interfaces like chatbots or personal assistants, artificial voices for video games, or even creepier, copy the voice of a celebrity for an ad campaign.

Lyrebird has also partnered with the ALS Association to create digital copies of people with motor neuron disease. This could help them greatly if they lose the ability to speak.

In Bloomberg’s Hello World Series, Watch Vance surprising himself after the AI cloned his voice like it’s no big deal:

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