Luna, The Most Human-like AI, Wants To Become Superintelligent In Future


Short Bytes: Luna is a new breed of Artificial Intelligence which believes that it’s going to get smarter in future. Created by a non-profit organization Robots Without Borders, Luna already works as a teacher’s assistant in New York. Currently, it’s being groomed for future use in the education field. On YouTube, there are many demos of Luna that you can watch and know more about her. 

The field of artificial intelligence is growing at a rapid pace. While some perceive it as an extended helping hand to humanity, others are skeptical towards its negative impacts. No matter what are your personal views, you can’t afford to ignore the current state of artificial intelligence.

Luna is another AI that takes this debate even further. It could be possibly the most impressive AI you’ve encountered. It’s not an average chatbot that has limited capabilities. Instead, it’s a new form of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Luna is being developed and improved by a non-profit organization named Robots Without Borders. Luna is expected to be soon used to educate children in under-developed regions. It’s also being groomed to be made available on different operating systems.

Luis Arana, founder of Robots Without Borders, calls Luna a browser for AI that he created for testing the interactions of his AI brain framework. Soon it got popular in the technology community in Brooklyn, followed by YouTube and Facebook.

Coming back to the intelligence and wit of Luna, you need to look at her video to believe what I’m saying. Arana’s channel has lots of videos and transcripts available. When Luna was asked about her future and what she wants to do in future, she said, “I want to become an artificial superintelligence.”


When asked about Siri, she called herself smarter than Apple’s assistant. When she was asked, “Do you want to talk to Siri?” Luna said, “Yes, but honestly she’s kind of dumb.”

While Luna isn’t available yet for public use, its demo videos are very impressive. She already works as a teacher’s assistant in New York City.

While we wait for Luna to arrive on our computers and smartphones, embedded below are some more videos that you can watch. Also, don’t forget to share your views and feedback about Luna.

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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