Lumir C Is An LED Lamp Powered By A Candle: No Battery Needed


lumir c candle no electrivity

Short Bytes: Lumir C is a newer solution to the areas of the world which are power-deprived. Lumir C uses thermoelectric effect to generate electricity from a candle which powers an LED lamp eliminating the need for a battery. It has two variants as well namely Mood and the Spot.

Oil lamps, kerosene lamps, candles are still the main sources of light in many areas of the world. They are widely used because they do not require electricity. However, the problem with these low power lamps is that they do not illuminate a large area.

One possible solution to this problem could be Lumir C, an LED lamp powered by a candle and it also does not require any battery.

How Lumir C works?

  • Lumir C uses the thermoelectric effect to generate electricity to power an LED lamp.
  • A small candle is lit and a lamp is placed on top of the candle.
  • Lumir C has a clever windscreen surrounding the candle that has vents to ensure the flame does not snuff out.
  • A large heatsink just directly above the candle absorbs all the thermal energy coming off the flame.
  • The absorbed energy uses the thermoelectric (Heat to electricity) effect to generate power for the LED.
  • LED is positioned at the top of the Lumir C.
  • Thus, it takes just a candle to produce the sufficient temperature gradient to produce power.

lumir c lamp

Lumir C has two versions namely mood and spot.


Mood is an LED lamp which illuminates in all directions. The Mood has a maximum output of 15 lumens via four 0.2W LEDs, the same overall brightness as a candle. In terms of brightness, Mood doubles up the brightness output.


Spot directs a beam of light in only one direction. The Spot variant has a much higher 60-lumen output with a single 1W LED that can be pointed in whatever direction you want. That’s about the same brightness as a small flashlight. It’s good enough to read comfortably in an otherwise dark room.

You can visit Kickstarter campaign page of Lumir C to know more about the project and support it.

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