Loki Norse Mythology: How It Relates To Marvel’s Loki Series

Loki Norse mythology
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Loki has become one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after a successful TV series. The God of Mischief will play a crucial role in phase 4 of the MCU and will remain a major figure for years to come.

However, the fact remains that Marvel has based this character on the ancient Norse god, who goes by the same name. But what are some things that have remained unchanged in Marvel’s adaptation of him? Does Marvel completely follow Loki Norse mythology or not? Without wasting any more time, let’s find out.

In case you haven’t watched Loki’s season finale, this guide will help you.

5 Things That MCU Ignored From Loki Norse Mythology

Loki Norse mythology
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  • Relationship with Thor: In the MCU, Thor and Loki are seen as brothers in arms. However, in the Norse mythology, the two aren’t brothers at all. If anything, Loki is Thor’s step-uncle (WOW, right?).
  • No children: The notorious villain has no children in Marvel universe. But according to Norse tales, he has multiple children.
  • Absence of his wife: Loki has no romantic interest so far in the Marvel universe. In the ancient stories, Loki is married to Sigyn, who also bares two of his children.
  • The final betrayal: We all saw how Loki gave his life to protect his brother and died by the hands of Thanos. But according to Norse mythology, he betrays the trust of Asgardians and even kills one of Odin’s sons.
  • Death of Loki: As I mentioned earlier, Loki was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. But Norse tales narrate a completely different story. Loki and all the Norse gods died in an all-out battle.

5 Things That MCU Kept In Check With Loki Norse Mythology

Marvel's Loki
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  • Ability to shapeshift: In the MCU, Loki has outsmarted everyone time and time again thanks to his shapeshifting ability. The Norse god used this trick numerous times, even in mythic tales.
  • Appearance: The tales define Loki as someone who is handsome, charming, and thinner than Thor. Tom Hiddleston certainly fits that description quite well.
  • Loki is bisexual: Until the Loki TV series, there were no mentions of the character’s sexuality. However, in the series it was confirmed that he is bisexual, similar to Loki Norse mythology.
  • Alliance for both sides: In MCU, Loki was first depicted as a villain. The Avengers were assembled to take him down, but later down the line, Loki changed sides multiple times and died in order to protect his brother, Thor. The Norse god’s loyalties has changed over the time in myths too.
  • Loki’s origin: Just like the Norse tales, Loki is not directly related to either Thor or Odin. Due to him not being a 100% Asgardian is what gave birth to his shapeshifting abilities. So, a job well done by Marvel in that regard.

This concludes everything related to Loki Norse mythology and things Marvel changed. Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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