List of Known Issues in Windows 10 Preview for Phones and Workarounds


Today Microsoft released the very first build of Windows 10 Technical preview for phones. Just like the other previews, it is incomplete and lacks many features. If you are keen to try out some new features before everybody else, you can download the preview by becoming an Insider at Windows Insider Program.

As I mentioned above, this build of Windows 10 Technical preview for phones has some issues which need to be addressed. Microsoft mentioned the details in its blog post and wrote that it expects users to cooperate and give their valuable feedback.

Know more about the OS and way to get the preview here.

What are the issues and ways to deal with them?

This a very early preview of Windows 10 for phones and there are some known bugs. Windows Insider Program aims at seeking participation and help from the users and improve the experience in future. These are some known issues and ways to deal with them:

  1. Wi-Fi settings don’t roam after the upgrade, you need to manually set Wi-Fi settings.
  2. The existing alarms won’t be migrated and you’ll have to set new alarms.
  3. VPN unavailable in this build of Windows 10 for phones, it’ll be available in further updates.
  4. Additional language keyboard should be downloaded after the upgrade. Reopen the Insider app and re-select Insider Fast/Slow, and download of keyword packages will work then.
  5. Quiet Hours doesn’t support the automatic feature which enables the Quiet Hours during the calendar hours marked busy.
  6. Applications are not shown in the battery saver after upgrade.
  7. Photos app will fail to launch while adding a picture attachment to an email, Facebook or OneNote. This succeeds after a few attempts.
  8. Cellular data won’t work after the upgrade. Turning it off on again will enable data while roaming.
  9. There’s a bug in the video playback and Bluetooth interaction, which may cause a lower frame rate for video if you are using a Bluetooth headset. It’s advised to use a wired headset instead.
  10. Setting up a lock screen will give you problems sometimes. Try it a couple of times, it’ll work just fine.
  11. Sync to Microsoft Band won’t work after you update your phone to Windows 10. To make this work, un-pair the Microsoft Band and re-pair it.
  12. APNs in the recovery image may fall out of date. Record the settings manually before upgrading and add them after upgrade.
  13. DataSense history is washed out. This has no recovery solution, DataSense starts everything again from the scratch.

Know more about the first build of Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones here.

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