Linuxium Releases Ubuntu Builds For Small PCs Powered By Intel


linuxium-ubuntu-imagesShort Bytes: Developer Linuxium has released different Ubuntu builds for small Intel-based PCs that are based on Bay Trail and Cherry Trail SOCs. Thanks to kernel patches, the users won’t face problems in HDMI audio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. while using Linux operating systems on such device.

If you own a small desktop computer powered by Intel Atom processor that are based on Bay Trail and Cherry Trail SOCs, running Windows OS on them doesn’t pose any problem.

However, installing Linux distributions is a different story. Attempting to do so results in HDMI audio, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems etc.

To address this situation, Linuxium–developer Ian Morrison–has released Ubuntu builds for the mini PCs. On his blog, he writes that Ubuntu is well suited for Mini PCs as its different flavors provide the option to run a lightweight Linux-based OS.

He has created ISO images specifically for Intel Compute Stick. These images also work with other Atom Bay Trail and Cherry Trail processors.

Linuxium has combined the source code and recent patches to port them with Ubuntu kernel source. This has allowed him to provide a fully functional HDMI audio, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi experience.

Apart from Ubuntu, users can also download images for Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, and Ubuntu MATE,

As these Ubuntu builds include a patched kernel, the OS won’t get automatic kernel updates. However, the usual applications continue to receive usual application updates. The developer has also written a script that one can download and update the kernel to the latest release. The ISOs have also been configured to install using 64 bit or 32-bit bootloader. So you don’t need to modify the buyer settings for easy dual booting.

For more details, you can visit Linuxium’s blog.

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