Linux On iPhone Will Soon Be Possible; Dual Boot Support Arrives For iOS

Linux on iPhone dual boot iOS
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Soon, you’ll be able to run Linux on your iPhone as you could do on an Android device via the dual boot functionality. Until now, it wasn’t possible to dual boot a 64-bit iOS device, and only iPhone models older than iPhone 5 and iPad models released prior to iPad 4th generation could be dual booted.

However, now, popular jailbreakers and developers Raffaele and mcg29 have published in-depth instructions detailing how to dual boot 64-bit iOS devices, on their Github page.

The instructions consist of detailed steps for partitioning and restoring the rootfile system, creating custom ramdisk, modifying file system partition, and booting into devices.

Despite the fact that these instructions enlist the steps focused majorly on iOS partition, one can use the same instructions to dual boot Linux and Android kernels as well.

With proper Linux kernels already available to boot, we could soon see Linux dual boot support in iOS devices. However, Linux kernels support booting without flash storage and other important drivers as of now. But, the day is not far when triple boot iPhones with iOS, Android, and Ubuntu Touch will be a thing.

Raffaele recently shared a tweet saying that he has been successful in quad-booting (yes, you read that right) an iPad Mini 2 with iOS 11.3.1 as the main OS.

Meanwhile, if the instructions charted out by the jailbreakers seem like a new project that you can take up during this Coronavirus quarantine, we recommend you to try it out on a secondary iPhone and not your primary device.

Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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