Linux Mint Reveals New Logo And Revamped Website

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linux mint new logo

Linux Mint, the popular Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and Debian is in the middle of getting a facelift. The logo of the elegant yet robust operating system is undergoing some significant changes along with the company’s website.

The project head at Linux Mint explains that the objective behind this facelift is to resolve all issues with the current version including a broken scaling model.

Clem Lefebvre, the man behind the popular Linux based distribution said “We’ve been working around these issues for a while now. In previous releases, we shipped with flat, semi-flat and symbolic versions of the current logo (your application menu logo in 19.1 is an example of this) but we can’t address all the issues without removing that border in the shape of a leaf.”

Under the hood, DocInfo and AppSys have been simplified and input lag has been significantly reduced owing to which the window manager should now work faster. Furthermore, the applications menu applet has received a much-awaited speed boost.

The update manager of the operating system has also been upgraded as a result of which it is now able to automatically remove packages related to old kernels which the system does not require any more.

Lastly, mintreport (System Reports) now boasts a refined user interface and sports a XApp sidebar along with a new page for showing system information.

Linux Mint has emerged as a popular choice in the market owing to its elegant, easy to use design and various security features. The 19.2 version of the popular Linux OS should be released in June this year.

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