Linux Kernel 5.8-rc1 Released: “One Of The Biggest Releases Of All Time”

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Linux Kernel 5.8-rc1 Released "One Of The Biggest Releases Of All Time"

Following the release of Linux Kernel 5.7, Linus Torvalds has now announced the first release candidate of the Linux kernel 5.8. During the two-week merge window for the upcoming Linux Kernel 5.8, it has received one of the highest numbers of merge commits.

With v5.8-rc1, Linux 5.8 has become the second biggest version with over 14k non-merge commits, 800k new lines, and 14k file changes (about 20% of all kernel source repository files). Currently, Linux 4.9 is the biggest ever release in the number of commits owing to a large greybus subsystem and merging of some of the v4.8 pent up codes.

Unlike v4.9, v5.8 mainly includes cleanups, documentation, and lots of development and filesystem work. It also comprises many processor improvements, new hardware support, security enhancement, and open-source Intel/Radeon graphics driver advancement.

Here is the list of some key changes sent during the merge window of Linux kernel 5.8:

  • Improvement to AMD Radeon Graphics Driver
  • SELinux optimizations
  • General notification queue
  • Power Management Updates
  • Swapping Fn and Ctrl keys on Apple keyboard support
  • Intel Tiger Lake Thunderbolt support
  • Habana Labs Gaudi accelerator support
  • Several Btrfs improvements
  • Cleanups and fixes for EXT4 and exFAT filesystem
  • Initial support for booting POWER10 processors

For a comprehensive list of updates, I would suggest you should visit Michael Larabel’s blog Phoronix. It tracks all new changes and pull requests sent to Linux Kernel 5.8.

As per the official release cycle, Linus Torvalds will now continue to release the testing versions of Linux Kernel 5.8. And after eight or nine release candidates, you can expect a stable version of Linux 5.8 in early or mid-August of 2020.

Sarvottam Kumar

Sarvottam Kumar

Sarvottam Kumar is a software engineer by profession with interest and experience in Blockchain, Angular, React and Flutter. He loves to explore the nuts and bolts of Linux and share his experience and insights of Linux and open source on the web/various prestigious portals.

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