Linux Kernel 5.16 Released! What’s New?

Intel/AMD CPU/GPU improvements, improved M1 support, and more!


Linux Kernel 5.16 is finally here, and while it doesn’t bring lots of features or improvements, there are a handful of features that might matter to Linux gamers and desktop users. Here’s everything new in the Linux Kernel 5.16.

Linux 5.16: What’s New?

AMD/Intel CPU/GPU Improvements

One of the release highlights is the improvements in the performance of Intel and AMD CPUs and GPUs. Apart from that, ARM platforms like the Raspberry Pi have also been improved. The AMD, Intel CPU, and GPU claims were tested by our good friends at Phoronix, and the results showed great improvements.

Performance Improvements For Windows Games

Another improvement is in running Windows games on Linux. We all know how vital the “gaming” factor is for the growth of Linux, and with Valve’s Steam Deck, it will only get better. The 5.16 release solves some performance issues of Windows games on Linux, thereby increasing the performance of Wine and Proton by a good margin. Of course, this hasn’t been tested yet, but we do expect great results since Proton and Wine have already gotten better.

Improved M1 Support

With every Linux kernel that comes out after the release of Apple M1 silicon, we’ve seen significant features being added to the kernel to support the same. Linux Kernel 5.16 is no different. It adds support for USB, PCIe, and other minor fixes and now supports the Apple Magic Keyboard, which is huge.

Support For Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module

The Pi 4 compute module is a smaller and shrunken Raspberry Pi 4. If you want to know more about Raspberry Pi or similar ARM-based devices, check out our Raspberry Pi 4 articles.

Dual-Sense Controller And Joy-Con Support

You can now connect your Dual-Sense PlayStation 5 controller and Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons to your Linux desktop. Dual Sense support for made possible thanks to the contribution from Sony.

Intel Raptor Lake and Ryzen 6000 Support

The 13th generation of Intel processors and AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 6000 series mobile processors will be released soon. The groundwork to support both the processors as soon as they’re released has already started with 5.16.

Misc Improvements

  • Improvements to the connectivity front, including low-latency audio.
  • KVM RISC-V Support
  • Better support for HP Omen laptops
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 support

We expect distribution maintainers to push the kernel 5.16 as soon as it’s made available in the archives. Make sure to leave your thoughts and opinions about the release in the comments section below.


Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar is a Linux and Tech Writer. Hailing from a Computer Science background, the start of his love for Tech dates back to 2011, when he was gifted a Dell Inspiron 5100. When he's not covering Tech, you'll find him binge-watching anime and Tech content on YouTube or hunting heads in competitive FPS games. You can also find his work on Android Police and How-To Geek.
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