Linux Releases: GNOME 3.30 ‘Almeria’ Desktop & Tails 3.9 Anonymity Distro Are Here


GNOME 3.30

GNOME is one of the best options when it comes to choosing a desktop environment for Linux. Many popular distros like Ubuntu, openSUSE, and Fedora already ship with GNOME as the default option.

Just recently, the GNOME Project shipped the latest version in the form of GNOME 3.30 ‘Almeria.’ The team calls it an exciting release for themselves as it’s the first one to have been produced and verified using the CI infrastructure in GitLab.

As usual, the release comes with numerous refinements all across the software. In Files, refinement has been made in the search bar and there are changes in the Thunderbold panel in Settings as well.

GNOME 3.30 comes with more retro games in the gaming application; there’s a new podcast app called Podcasts as well.

Very soon, users of all the major distributions will be able to try and use this new offering. Following this, the next GNOME 3.32 version is scheduled to arrive in March 2019.

You can read the complete details about GNOME 3.30 here.

Tails 3.9

Tails 3.9 has just arrived as the biggest update of Tails in 2018. This is because of the two new features that were under development for more than a year.

The first feature named Additional Software lets you install more applications while starting Tails on your machine. This setting can be found in Applications ▸ System Tool ▸ Additional Software. You have the option to install an application once or install it every time when booting the distro.

additional-software tails

The second feature is VeraCrypt Integration. Apart from Tails, it’ll also be available in Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.10 as VeraCrypt Integration was done upstream in GNOME.

The other changes arriving with Tails 3.9 are updates in the form of Tor Browser 8.0, Thunderbird 60, Tor, Electrum 3.1.3, Linux 4.17, etc.

You can find the complete set of changes here.

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