Linux-based AI Camera Announced By Microsoft


A Linux-based AI camera using the Microsoft Azure service has been officially announced. Microsoft made the announcement of the $249 “Vision AI Developer Kit” in their official blog post.

According to Microsoft, this Linux-based AI camera can recognize patterns, images, and moving objects. Microsoft Azure servers will provide Azure cloud processing for image processing tasks.

Linux Based AI Camera Announced

Identifying and processing an image requires a lot of computing power, thus to accelerate development in this sector, Microsoft announced a Qualcomm power developer kit last year. The same kit is now available worldwide and includes a Qualcomm Vision 300 powered camera and software supported by Azure IoT Edge and Azure Machine Learning.

The Qualcomm Vision 300 platform is powered by a QCS603 processor specifically designed to accelerate machine learning. The processor has Dual ISPs which support low light noise reduction and enhanced auto-focus performance. It is also capable of 4k @60FPS video playback for enhanced visual clarity. It is a great platform and you can read them all here.

The developer kit is supported by Microsoft Azure services that make the process of building, training, and deployment of machine learning easy. The tools that make the entire process easy include visual drag-and-drop, no-code, and automated machine learning.

Microsoft’s Visual Code Studio provides an easy development environment. Access to Azure services is also granted through plug-ins. Microsoft is further supporting Visual code developers by providing them with Github repositories with Python Modules, pre-built Azure IoT deployment configuration, and Docker files.

You can buy this developer kit from Arrow Electronics.

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