Linux 5.1 Might Add Support For Using Persistant Memory As System RAM

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There are numerous differences when it comes to traditional RAM and flash storage. While both might be using solid state technologies, RAM is known to be much faster, costly, and speedy. With new solutions like Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, things are going looking a bit different as it continues to bridge the gaps between non-volatile storage and RAM.

As the adoption of Optane memory is picking up the pace, it makes sense for Linux kernel to introduce the support for using the persistent memory as a traditional RAM.

As per a Phoronix report, there are good chances that Linux 5.1 kernel might add this feature. You can go through this patch series to get a better idea of the pull request for Linux 5.1.

“Some users want to use persistent memory as additional volatile
memory. They are willing to cope with potential performance
differences, for example between DRAM and 3D Xpoint,” the request reads.

However, there’s a roadblock that needs to be cleared before Linus Torvalds accepts the change and makes it a part of the kernel. He has asked for an official clarification from Intel regarding an issue and is waiting for the reply.

“I’m not pulling this until I get official Intel clarification on the
whole “pmem vs rep movs vs machine check” behavior,” he said.

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