LineageOS 19 Is Official Now!

Good news for Custom ROM lovers.

LineageOS 19
LineageOS 19

The LineageOS team has officially released the Android 12-based LineageOS 19. Unofficial builds were available for quite some time, but now the official build is here. The LineageOS team says the release is as stable as LineageOS 18.1.

LineageOS 19 Released

The release of Android 12-based OS is good news for custom lovers; however, there is one bad news attached. The devices running older Linux kernels will not support the latest build. Only devices using Linux kernel 4.9 or newer will support it.

Wondering why? This is mainly because Google has dropped the support of iptables in favor of eBFF. There are ways to backport changes to older kernels, but the whole process is lengthy, and outcomes are not smooth. It brings all the new changes in Android 12, including Material You and accessibility features.

Besides Android 12 features, there is a list of additional features as well. Some of the highlights are redesigned volume control panel, dark mode enabled by default with new wallpapers, and setup wizard using Android 12 animations and icons. Besides that, it brings bug fixes and improvements for systems apps like Gallery, Updater, and Jelly Browser.

LineageOS 19 is currently available for Google Pixel except for the Pixel 6 series, Asus Zenfone 8 and 5z, Moto G7 Series, Moto One Power, Action, Vision, OnePlus 6, 6T, and a few other devices from Samsung, Sony, and Lenovo. The build will be available for more devices in the upcoming weeks.

How to check if you can get LineageOS 19

If you want to check whether your device has received LineageOS 19 or not, visit the LineageOS Wiki Devices page and look for your device’s name. You will also find the latest LineageOS version available for your device.

If your device supports the newly released LineageOS 19, you will find installation guides on the device page to make things easy for you. If you are running an unofficial build of LineageOS 19, you will have to factory reset your device before you try to install the official build.

If you are running an older official build, you will be able to install LineageOS 19 without resetting your device. With more Android device makers pushing regular updates, Custom ROM’s popularity decreases. Still, millions of people use LineageOS 19 on their Android devices. Do you use LineageOS on your device? If yes, have you installed the latest LineageOS 19 build? Do let us know in the comments.

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