Lichee Pi Zero Is A Tiny Linux Computer That Costs Just $6

lichee pi zero
Image: Lichee Pi Zero

Short Bytes: Are you looking for a Raspberry Pi alternative? You can check out the Indiegogo campaign page of Lichee Pi Zero, which costs just $6 ($8 with WiFi). Powered by Allwinner V3S CPU, it comes with latest Linux kernel 4.10. It’s even smaller than a Raspberry Pi Zero, and there are a lot of accessories available via the crowdfunding campaign.

Single board computers are an interesting class of electronic devices that have seen an increasing popularity in the recent days. Today, I’m going to tell you about Lichee Pi Zero, a new Linux module which is currently running its Indiegogo campaign.

Lichee Pi Zero just costs $6 without WiFi and $8 with WiFi. Compared to Arduino or the latest Raspberry Pi Zero W, it’s cheaper.

Lichee Pi Zero has an ARM-based processor, an Allwinner V3S (ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, max 1.2GHz, 512Mbit DDR2 integrated) to be precise. You can boot it from on-board SPI Flash or TF card. Zero is clocked at 1GHz, and it consumes less than 0.1A.

The dimensions of the board are 44.6×25.5mm. Compared to other boards of the same category, which are difficult to connect, Lichee Pi Zero is well designed. For the DIYers, there are lots of pins. You can easily plug it into a breadboard (30 pins), solder all 60 pins tactfully, or connect its TF WiFi Card.

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Talking about the ports and controllers on the board, on the top side, you’ll find RGB LED, MPU, TF SLOT, LCD backlight circuit, microUSB (OTG & Power). On the bottom side of Zero, one can see Touch Screen Controller, DCDC Power, on board SPI Flash, FPC40 RGB Connector.

LicheePi Zero
Image: LicheePi Zero

Lichee Pi Zero comes with the latest Linux kernel 4.10. You can easily create your own mini “laptop” in 5 minutes with the help of a Lichee Pi Zero, a Li-Polymer battery, an LCD, a simple holder, and some tape.

So, did you like the new Lichee Pi Zero single board computer? Feel free to check out Lichee’s Indiegogo campaign page to know more.

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