Why It’s The Best Time To Learn Linux And Open Source Programming — Tons Of New Jobs 


linux open source jobShort Bytes: The results of a recent survey conducted by the Linux Foundation and Dice.com are out. The survey indicates that the open source professionals are now in high demand and companies are ready to pay fat packages to hire them. This growth in demand is likey to be easily seen in the next six months and developers are advised to brush up their Linux and open source skills.

The Linux Foundation and Dice.com, a leading careers website, has partnered and surveyed 5,000 open source professionals and 400 hiring managers.

The result of this survey has revealed that over the next six months, there will an increase in the hiring of Linux and open source talent. So, if you are looking for a top-notch technology job, you should start polishing your open source software skills.

The companies have shown interest in hiring people with expertise in Docker, OpenStack, CloudStack, Linux, Containers and Networking. If we break down these skills by numbers, here the ones having the biggest impact on open source hiring:

  • 65% — Open source talent
  • 59% — Linux talent
  • 74% — Opening for developers
  • 58% — DevOps talent
  • 51% — OpenStack and CloudStack expertise
  • 60% — Application developers
  • 21% — Experts in networking
  • 14% — Security experts
  • 8% — Experience in containers

In the recent years, companies have embraced open source technologies in big numbers and this is the reason why hiring managers are hungry for new talent. On the other hand, companies like Canonical, Red Hat, IBM, Oracle, and SUSE that are already dependent on open source, are also looking to hire more open source experts.

linux-academy-coursesAs the demand for Linux and open source talent is growing, the companies are struggling to find experienced professionals. To fill this gap, companies are willing to pay more and retain the professionals on a global scale.

“It’s a seller’s market,” added Jim Zemlin, the Linux Foundation’s executive director. “As more and more open source projects are developed, open source professionals will need to update their skill-sets with knowledge and experience including DevOps and networking.”

So, it’s time to gear up and become an expert in Linux and open source technologies. Good luck!

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

Fossbytes co-founder and an aspiring entrepreneur who keeps a close eye on open source, tech giants, and security. Get in touch with him by sending an email — [email protected]
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