League Of Legends Servers Down; Players Facing Difficulty Loggin in

Riot Games is a big name in the Esports industry, and when it comes to making Esports titles, no one does it better than Riot, perhaps. Meanwhile, one of the biggest games from Riot – League of Legends, is facing some server issues.

Many players took to Twitter to report about League of Legends‘ “dead servers.” While most of the players cant log in to the game right now. There could be n number of reasons as to why League of Legends servers is currently unavailable. One of the reasons could be the Sentinels of Light event and the influx of players.

However, at the time of writing this article, the reason is still unknown as to why League of Legends servers is unavailable. We’re sure Riot Games would soon Tweet on this matter and release a statement. In addition, we’re sure LOL’s servers will be fixed by the developer in a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, if there’s anything concrete in the matter, we’ll surely report the same here.

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