Linux Will Run Even Better On Ancient Hardware, Thanks To The Upcoming Le9 Patch

Slow Linux PC? Hold on just a little longer.

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Linux is very well optimized to run on potato PCs, but what’s not optimized are the apps that we run in the OS. Distros such as Linux Lite or even the Raspberry Pi OS made for Raspberry Pi can run on 1GB of RAM, but only when you try to run apps like Google Chrome do you feel the stutters and lags and PC getting hot.

Enter Le9, code for Linux kernel patches that has been in development for two years. Its final release is around the corner.

How Does Le9 Patch Work On Linux?

Le9 protects the file cache on the RAM from trashing and reduces the I/O under memory pressure. As per the official GitHub page, The current patch provides soft and hard protection of clean file pages. This prevents locking issues that users face when their machines are out-of-memory.

Phoronix reports that one of their readers was able to run 37 Firefox tabs, Skype, Discord, two PDFs, and LibreOffice on just 2GB of RAM on a 10-year-old PC.

The devs write on the official GitHub Repo, “Protection of clean file pages (page cache) may be used to prevent thrashing, reducing I/O under memory pressure, avoid high latency, and prevent livelock in near-OOM conditions. The current le9 patches provide two sysctl knobs for soft and hard protection of clean file pages. The current le9 patches are based on patches created by Mandeep Singh Baines (2010) and Marcus Linsner (2018-2019).”

More information on the patch is available in the Repo’s Readme file.

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How much RAM does your PC have and what do you think of the Le9 patch for Linux? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar is a passionate tech writer whose love for tech started in 2011 when he got a Dell Inspiron 5100. When he's not covering Linux and open-source, you'll find him binge-watching anime or Tech content on YouTube.

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