Latest Bliss OS Build Lets You Run Android Pie On PC


Bliss OS is an open-source project that lets you run Google’s Android OS for smartphones on your personal computer.

Even though there are several other ways to run Android on PC, Bliss OS is better as it doesn’t bring emulator-spam and or ads that creep in to ruin your experience.

This open-source project includes reworked codes from the Android x86 project, and the Bliss OS Oreo releases to make the OS more dynamic.

But the project is an unofficial one and is considered as development ROMs at this point, so for those who install it must proceed with caution. Also, make sure you download the correct version of Bliss for your specific device to avoid crashes and errors.

The project also has multiple known bugs at this time:

  • Packages Manager tends to crash the system sometimes. In such case, you are required to wait and open a terminal. First, use $ su && svc wifi disable, and when it comes back, $ su && svc wifi enable
  • Screenshots do not work as of now
  • Video playback doesn’t function
  • Sound issues on different machines

Installation of Android Pie on PC

Follow these steps in order to run Android Pie on your machine:

  1. Download the “.ISO” file
  2. Use a software like Rufus to burn it to a USB Drive
  3. Disable all options that try to boot security such as “Secure Boot” and “Bitlocker”
  4. Boot up the USB Drive
  5. Test Bliss OS in Live mode to make sure everything’s okay
  6. Boot into the USB drive and install the OS.

Once again, you are advised to install Bliss with caution understanding the implications of the same. For further information about the OS and to download it, visit this XDA Forum post.

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