10 Best LastPass Alternatives To Secure Your Password In 2022

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There are several websites and online services we need to use regularly. Across Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, and similar popular apps, we create quite a few user accounts. The most challenging thing about this is the need to remember different passwords — unless you use the same password everywhere, which is not suitable for account security. To help you out, here are services such as LastPass and its alternatives.

You may think that password manager extensions and apps are unnecessary extras as we already have the feature built into most browsers. However, that isn’t fully correct because built-in password managers are only accessible when using a particular browser. But, dedicated passwords managers are compatible across various browsers and platforms, letting you access your account credentials seamlessly.

Besides giving you quick access to your account credentials, these apps also offer auto-filling forms, generating strong passwords, storing subscriptions, etc.

10 LastPass Alternatives You Should Check Out

While LastPass is a prominent name in this category, certain alternatives are worth checking out. This list gives you an overview of their features, price, pros, and cons.


LastPass Alternative - dashlane
Image: Dashlane

This is probably the best LastPass alternative you can switch to. The password management app comes with high-profile security aspects and strong end-to-end encryption. It provides crucial features such as two-factor authentication (2FA), credential sharing, and one-click automatic password change. Moreover, it scans the dark web and send alerts if your email gets leaked. Additionally, it comes with a bundled VPN which is quite good.

While personal plans start from $3.99/month or $3.33/month (via annual plan), business plans start in the range of $5/month-$8/month. There’s also a free plan that lets you store up to 50 passwords — a sufficient amount for most users. Alternatively, you may try Dashlane with its features by using the 30-day free trial.


  • Convenient credential sharing
  • Automatic password changer
  • Built-in VPN


  • The free plan only supports one email ID


Image: NordPass

NordPass comes from the developers of the popular VPN service, NordVPN. It is a secure password manager with a straightforward user interface. Going into the details, it comes with multi-factor authentication (MFA), password sharing, data encryption, password health checks, data breach scanner, etc.

When it comes to plans, the personal subscription starts at $2.49/month, whereas a business subscription costs $3.59 per user (via the 2-year plan). You can try out the premium plan features before purchase, thanks to a 7-day trial. On a free account, users can store unlimited passwords, secure them via MFA, save form details, etc.


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Unlimited password storage for a free account


  • Basic functionality
  • Password entries offer little customization compared to other apps


Image: Keeper

Keeper is another LastPass alternative that you can check out. It has a user-friendly interface and stores your sensitive information securely. Alongside the basic features, it also offers multi-factor authentication, an encrypted messaging app, dark web monitoring, and more.

There is a wide array of subscription plans for Keepers, ranging from “Personal” to “Military and Medical” categories. Personal plans begin from $2.91/month, and family plans begin from $6.24/month as per the annual payment model. Keeper also lets you try premium features for free through its 30-day trial. Eventually, once your trial is over, you will be switched to the free plan, which has significantly limited functionality.


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Diverse subscription plans
  • Bundled secure messaging app


  • No monthly payment option
  • The free plan has too many restrictions


Image: Bitwarden

This password management app is an open-source project looked after by community developers worldwide. Although it mainly targets businesses as its audience, it also caters to individuals’ needs. Bitwarden offers end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, SSO integration, admin password reset, etc.

The aforementioned features are spread across personal and business plans starting from $10/year to $3/month or user, respectively. Plus, the paid features of a personal plan are available in a 7-day free trial. The free plan only supports basic password management features.


  • Open-source, hence, greater transparency
  • SSO integration


  • No monthly payment plan for individual users
  • Way too less features in the free plan


enpass - best alternatives to lastpass
Image: Enpass

Enpass is a unique LastPass alternative that doubles up on security by going offline. It is a password manager that lets you keep all credentials on local storage in an encrypted form. This ensures that your passwords and sensitive details are not sent to Enpass servers unless you choose to sync them. Furthermore, it contains a password generator that cooks up hard-to-crack passwords for the user.

Coming to subscription plans, you can grab the individual plan for $2/month (via annual payment) or buy the lifetime plan worth $79.99. There’s also a free plan of Enpass available that allows you to store unlimited passwords on the desktop app, whereas the smartphone version has a max limit of 25 passwords.


  • Offline encryption-backed password storage
  • Built-in password generator


  • Credential sharing is troublesome


Image: Roboform

Roboform is a feature-rich LastPass alternative with highly secure encryption, multi-factor authentication, a random password generator, and more. Additionally, it also provides offline access to passwords across multiple devices. Moreover, Roboform allows you to share passwords or even folders containing sensitive information with others. Its 24x7x365 priority support for subscribers is another plus.

Speaking of subscribers, Roboform’s plans start at $23.88/year. Besides that, business plans range from $22.95/year to $39.95/year. For free account holders, the password manager provides unlimited passwords and other basics minus some features, including multi-device sync, cloud backup, and shared folder.


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Random password generator
  • Offline access to passwords


  • No monthly payment plans
  • No multi-device sync in free accounts


1password - alternative to lastpass
Image: 1Password

1Password is one of the popular LastPass alternatives. Alongside secure hosting for as many passwords as you want, it also offers 1GB storage space, credential sharing, two-factor authentication, etc. On top of that, it comes with a 365-day item history that lets you restore credentials deleted within the past year.

The personal plan starts at $2.99/month on an annual plan, whereas the business plan begins from $7.99 monthly. Alternatively, personal plan features are accessible for free via a 14-day trial.


  • 1GB storage space
  • 365-day item history


  • No free plan
  • No multi-factor authentication


Image: LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is a comprehensive alternative for LastPass. It is a password-managing product that provides additional perks such as encrypted storage space, automatic password changer, SSO, dark web monitoring, etc. With these features, it also bundles multi-factor authentication for enhanced security.

The password manager has three different paid subscription variants, with the cheapest valued at $2.50/month. Also, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial period of the premium features. Those who are only looking for a free plan get a ton of features with a LogMeOnce free account. For free users, there are unlimited passwords, multi-device login, two-factor authentication, password generator, and much more.


  • Feature-rich
  • Automatic password changer
  • SSO integration
  • Encrypted storage space
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Many features in the free account


  • No dedicated desktop app
  • Outdated UI


passcamp best lastpass alternatives
Image: PassCamp

PassCamp is another security-first password manager. It packs two-factor authentication, a strong password generator, a history log, etc. This allows you to store your passwords, create new ones, and recover deleted credentials. You can also share this sensitive information with trusted users.

When it comes to paid plans, personal plans start at $2.72/month. On the other hand, business subscriptions cost $3.81/month at the entry level. There’s a completely free option, which comes with fewer features.


  • Password generator
  • History log


  • No password auditing to check for weak passwords
  • Only 15 password slots available in the free plan

Sticky Password

sticky password
Image: Sticky Password

It is a password-managing app with simple UI and basic features. It encrypts your passwords, syncs them on multiple devices, and offers two-factor authentication. You can either make your credentials exclusively accessible on devices connected to your WiFi or make them usable from the cloud.

Although a free version exists, you can choose to go for the premium plan with all features at the price of $29.99/year or $99.99 (discounted price) for lifetime access. The free account only provides premium features as a 30-day trial.


  • Sync with devices connected to local WiFi
  • Easy-to-use


  • Outdated UI
  • Basic functionality

At last, we have gone through the major LastPass alternatives available in the market. After perusing the variety of features offered by the aforementioned password managers, let us know which one you would prefer in the comments below.

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