HBO’s The Last Of Us Gets A Companion Podcast With Series Creator & Star Announced

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Can You Watch HBO Max's The Last Of Us For Free?
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The Last of Us on HBO is based on the 2013 PlayStation 3 video game of the same name. The show, like the game, will center on the budding relationship between carpenter-turned-smuggler Joel Miller, played by Pedro Pascal from The Mandalorian, and 14-year-old Ellie (Bella Ramsey), who holds the key to understanding the Apocalypse.

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The show will adapt The Last of Us: Left Behind, the first game in the series and its downloadable content, which focuses on Ellie’s relationship with best friend Riley three weeks before the events of the game.

HBO’s The Last Of Us gets a companion podcast

Given that the TV series is expected to be one of HBO’s most popular shows in 2023, the network is going all out to promote it. In addition to the series, HBO will release a companion podcast in which showrunner Craig Mazin and actor Troy Baker will talk down each episode scene by scene. Baker portrayed Joel in the video games and will appear in the HBO series as an unannounced character.

As of now, it’s unknown whether the podcast will include guests like Pedro Pascal to comment on specific topics. It’s also unclear when this will be released. But it appears likely that it will be released weekly alongside each episode. If that’s the case, the podcast should be available on various platforms on Sunday, January 15th, or the next day, Monday, January 16th.

Of course, the show is based on a video game, and judging by the trailers; it does it fairly faithfully. With that stated, it is likely that the podcast will primarily focus on explaining how they brought the important events of the game to life, why they changed elements from the game to the show, and so on. In any case, we’ll most likely learn more about the podcast in the coming weeks.

The Last of Us is set to premiere on HBO on January 15th, 2022. Are you excited about the series? Let us know in the comments down below.

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