Larry Page Gave Andy Rubin $150M Despite Sexual Harassment Probe: Lawsuit

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A lawsuit has claimed that Alphabet CEO and Google co-founder Larry Page didn’t get approval from the board of the company when he passed a $150 million stock grant to Android creator Andy Rubin.

The suit alleges that Rubin was under an internal investigation for sexual harassment, according to a Bloomberg report. While the lawsuit was filed originally in January, some particular claims were blocked from the public at that time.

“Page later got “rubber stamp” approval for the equity compensation package from a board leadership committee eight days after he granted it,” the report states. For those who don’t know, rubber stamp is a political metaphor used for an organization/person which approves of something without assessing the merit.

It has been further alleged that Rubin also secured a $90 million severance agreement while leaving the company three months later.

Apart from Rubin, the suit mentions former Google executive Amit Singhal, who left the company in 2016 after sexual harassment allegations. He was also granted an exit package of about $40 million. It’s pretty evident that the company’s board and top executives failed to perform its duties diligently.

When it comes to the changes made by Google, in the past, Google has stated that it hasn’t awarded severance packages to the employees fired for sexual harassment in the last 2 years. However, in response to this lawsuit, the company hasn’t issued any statement.

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