Kuo’s Latest iPhone 14 Prediction Claims There’s A Costly Ultra-Wide Camera Upgrade

Pro models will differ a lot from the standard models!

Kuo's Latest iPhone 14 Prediction Claims There's A Costly Ultra-Wide Camera Upgrade
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With only a week left for the launch of the iPhone 14, there’s a lot of excitement among Apple fans. We came across a lot of leaks and rumors regarding the iPhone 14 over the past year. And now it will finally be unveiled with what specifications and price it comes with. However, one last-minute leak suggests that the iPhone 14 would cost more than expected.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will include an upgraded ultra-wide camera with a 1.4-micrometer pixel on the iPhone 14 Pro models, up from a 1.0-micrometer pixel on the iPhone 13 Pro. Although it will significantly improve low-light photography, it might also increase the overall cost of the device.

Will the iPhone 14 be more expensive than last year?

Kuo predicts that iPhone 14 Pro models will receive significant camera upgrades, which may result in improved low-light performance, but at a higher price point than the iPhone 13 Pro.

He believes that Apple will upgrade the iPhone 14 Pro’s CMOS image sensor, voice coil motor, and compact camera module in total. The three upgrades could be up to 70%, 45%, and 40% more expensive than those found in the iPhone 13.

Kuo's Latest iPhone 14 Prediction Claims There's A Costly Ultra-Wide Camera Upgrade
Image: Jon Prosser

If iPhone 14 predictions come true, the result will still be 12-megapixel photos for low-light scenarios and up to 48 megapixels for brightly lit subjects. However, this upgrade seems to be only limited to the pro models.

It makes sense as Apple is trying to increase the gap between the standard and Pro iPhone models. So much so that the iPhone 14 won’t even have the pro-motion feature introduced last year on the iPhone 13 Pro. And now it won’t have the new wide-angle camera as well.

Will suppliers benefit?

Further, Kuo talks about Apple’s camera component suppliers. He said, Sony provides the CMOS image sensor, Minebea and Largan provide the voice coil motor, and LG Innotek provides the compact camera module.

And if we go by his tweet, the upgrades will benefit the iPhone component suppliers the most. The increase in camera size and quality would have led to Apple procuring a larger number of components, benefiting all of these manufacturers.

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