Ming-Chi Kuo Says Apple AR/MR Shipments Will Cross 10 Million Units By 2025

Apple is doing a lot to make this headset stand out.

Ming-Chi Kuo Says Apple AR/MR Shipments Will Cross 10 Million Units By 2025
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The AR/MR headsets shipments from Apple will reportedly cross 10 Million units by 2025. Trusted Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has yet again made claims regarding Apple’s upcoming Mixed reality headset.

As per his predictions, Apple will follow a product segmentation strategy for its second-generation Apple AR/MR headset. Although the second-generation AR/MR headset will launch in 2025, the lineup may contain more “high-end and affordable models”, says Kuo.

Apple AR/MR headset second-gen Shipments, Schedule, and Pancake Lens Supply Chain

Kuo made predictions regarding the component supply of the AR/MR headset in his blog post. According to him, the supply of the high ASP pancake lens, a key optical component of Apple AR/MR, will grow in abundance.

Currently, the suppliers for the first generation of AR/MR pancake lenses are Genius and Young optics. However, The lamination of the pancake lens will be supplied by a different company called GIS. Kuo expects the above-mentioned suppliers to be in the second-generation supply chain.

According to him, the first generation Apple AR/MR will have two 3P pancake modules. The total cost of pancake lenses covering both eyes will be about 30 to $40. The price is roughly equal to 20 high and 7p lenses.

In order to improve the visual experience and the form factor design of the mixed reality headset; Apple is likely to increase the prices of the second-generation pancake lenses. The revenue from the pancake lenses will prove as a new growth driver for Apple’s optical supply chain in the long term.

In addition, Largan will join as a new supplier of the pancake lens for the second-generation Apple AR/VR headset. Considering all the different aspects in mind and the demand for AR/MR in the market, the units produced will significantly increase. The headset is even rumored to feature an M2 chip from Apple.

How will the Apple mixed reality headset stand out?

Ming-Chi Kuo Says Apple AR/MR Shipments Will Cross 10 Million Units By 2025
Image: Patently Apple

Apple’s rumored VR ambitions aim to compete with the greatest VR headsets on the market, much like the Meta Quest 2 or PSVR 2. The Apple VR and mixed reality headset are anticipated to perform similarly to a standard VR headset but with additional capability unlocked by several external cameras and sensors.

Apple’s VR and mixed reality headset will be able to blend real-world environments into a virtual area and enable body tracking. Additionally, The Apple VR headset might also pack a see-through feature that can give an augmented reality experience. So, it somewhat differs from the VR-only Quest 2.

What do you think about the upcoming mixed reality headset from Apple? Do you think it will surpass the estimated shipment claims of 10 million units by 2025?

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