Know The Best Programming Language For You By Taking This 1-Minute Quiz


best programming langauge quiz javascriptShort Bytes: Your inspiration behind learning how to code could be anything. It could be a desire to become a professional developer to earn big bucks — or just for building something fun. “Best Programming Language for Me” makes this mammoth task to select and learn a programming language easier.

We have talked about the importance of learning how to code numerous times. We have told you the best programming languages to learn in our year-end list, we have shared the fastest way to learn Python and JavaScript with a single image, and we brought the best e-learning courses exclusively at heavy discounts.

Continuing our learn to code feature, we are sharing a simple interactive quiz that tells the best programming language for you. Even though this quiz has a small handful of questions, Best Programming Language for Me is a fun place to start.

As you press the Get Started button on the website homepage, you are asked a basic question — Why Do You Want to Learn to Code? — and shown 4 options.

As you answer each question, you are asked to narrow down your preferences. As a result, you are presented with the best programming language for you.

While most quizzes simply tell you the final programming language, Best Programming Language for Me does a pretty good job by explaining more about that particular language. For example, here’s how I was told why I was told that Java is best for developing native Android apps:

best programming langauge quiz javascript quiz1

Did you find the programming language for yourself? Do tell us about it and don’t forget to check out the best e-learning courses from our fossBytes Store to start learning instantly:

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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