Google Co-founder’s Flying Car Startup Opens Up Test Flights For “Flyer”


Forget about self-driving cars, what if we told you that you could just fly to work every morning! Surreal, right? Well, this futuristic idea might soon become a reality in some time.

Kitty Hawk, a flying car startup backed by Google’s Co-founder, Larry Page, has unveiled a new, sleek flying vehicle called “Flyer” that is safe enough to be handed over for flight tests with the public.

The best part about Flyer is that anyone can fly it without prior experience in flying and it doesn’t require a license for the same.

The Flyer is a single-seat vehicle that weighs 250 pounds and has a stripped-down cockpit with simple controls. It looks like a hybrid between a pontoon plane and drone, which can be operated by two joysticks and sports ten battery-powered propellers.

The aircraft runs on electricity with a maximum speed of 20 mph and hovers 10 feet above the water. At present, it can deliver about 20 minutes of flight before its batteries run out of juice.

The Flyer could eventually turn into commercialized personal flight in the future, but it will need requisite approvals first.

The final price and date of sale haven’t been revealed yet, but Kitty Hawk company has opened up its test flight program to selective circles, and the Flyer is up for pre-order reservations.

Meanwhile, the company is testing its other pilotless flying taxi, called Cora, in New Zealand. The self-flying electric taxi is larger in size and does not have strict weight requirements like the Flyer.

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