KDE Plasma 5.21 Released With New Features: New Theme And App Launcher

It features a new firewall settings area for configuring system firewall settings.


While the next GNOME 40 desktop environment (DE) is one month away from its final release with massive changes, another popular KDE Plasma DE has hit a new version 5.21 release.

The latest KDE Plasma 5.21 comes with a pleasing new wallpaper, global theme, Plasma Firewall settings, and app launcher to make it more accessible.

KDE Plasma 5.21: What’s New?

Starting with the visual changes, Plasma 5.21 has introduced a new global theme called Breeze Twilight. It is a combination of a dark theme for Plasma and a light theme for applications.

Breeze Twilight theme in Plasma 5.21
Breeze Twilight theme in Plasma 5.21

Along with a new theme, version 5.21 has refined the color scheme and unified header bar style with a clean and new design of its default theme.

New Header Bar Style
New Header Bar Style

Regarding functionality enhancements, it now features a new app launcher that lets you find and run your apps easily and faster.

The new launcher is split into two panes, providing better accessibility across the board for keyboard, mouse, and touch input.

New App Launcher
New App Launcher

Additionally, as you can see in the above picture, the new app launcher has placed all power actions such as Sleep, Restart, Hibernate, and Shut Down at the bottom of the launcher pop-up to make it visible and available all the time.

Moreover, Plasma 5.21 has brought a new page to KDE System Settings such as the Plasma Firewall Settings. You can use this module for setting and configuring up a firewall on your system.

New Firewall Setting Page
New Firewall Settings Page

Here are the highlights of other key changes that KDE Plasma 5.21 includes:

  • Improved support for languages with right-to-left writing such as Japanese and Arabic
  • New Plasma System Monitor app for monitoring system resources
  • Numerous Wayland improvements
  • Added support for mixed-refresh-rate display setups on Wayland
  • Rewritten multiple pre-existing configuration pages
  • Improved the layout of Media Player widget
  • A grid view for favorite apps

For complete details, you can read the official full changelog.

Sarvottam Kumar

Sarvottam Kumar

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