KDE Neon 5.11 Linux Distro Released With Latest Plasma Release

A couple of days ago, the much awaited Plasma 5.11 desktop was released by KDE developers. The major features of this release were better notifications, redesigned settings app, improved task manager, and new Vault app. Soon after this release, KDE Neon developers also shipped their brand new release, i.e., KDE Neon 5.11.

On a side note, we recently published our list of most beautiful Linux distributions, which features KDE Neon at #5. Do check it out.

Coming back to Neon 5.11, it is a perfect operating system for those who are a KDE loyalist. In case you are looking for a lightweight, stable distro that embraces all the capabilities of KDE Plasma, look no further.

“The KDE neon scalable cloud devops build farm has been working hard to compile it and the packages were available for KDE neon User Edition users to upgrade a few hours ago,” the release announcement states.

A major highlight of this release is Vault, which is useful for those who store sensitive and personal documents on their PCs. With Vault, one can seamlessly encrypt and decrypt files.

For other set of features, don’t forget to read our Plasma 5.11 article and its release notes.

Download KDE Neon 5.11 ISO Files

Users of KDE Neon can simply update their existing systems from the command line by running the following command. Please note that the update is not available for KDE Neon User LTS edition as it’s based on Plasma 5.8 LTS desktop.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

For those who are willing to perform a fresh installation of KDE Neon 5.11, feel free to visit this page for downloading ISO images.

Give it a try and let us know what were your experiences.

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