Kali Linux 2018.2 Ethical Hacking Distro Is Here: Download ISO And Torrent Files


Earlier this year in February, Offensive Security pushed the first release snapshot of Kali Linux for the year 2018. The Kali developers have already shifted their release model to rolling but they keep releasing these snapshots from time to time to provide a fresh ISOs to new users.

Following that tradition, Kali Linux 2018.2 has been pushed as the second release. So, let’s tell you about its new features in brief —

What are new features of Kali Linux 2018.2?

2018.2 is the first Kali ISO to be based on Linux kernel 4.15. It brings along the expected fixes for the Meltdown and Spectre flaws. So rest assured about these CPU flaws.

On the hardware support front, now the graphics cards of AMD are better supported. Moreover, AMD users can also take advantage of Secure Encryption Virtualization for better security and virtual memory encryption.

It goes without saying that Kali 2018.2 features lots of package updates to give you the latest of everything. The updated packages include Bloodhound, Reaver, PixieWPS, Burp Suite, Hashcat, etc.

A notable change comes in Metasploit that makes it easier for you to access the scripts. Kali devs have included the links to all scripts in the PATH and they start with msf-.

Download Kali 2018.2 ISO and Torrent files

In case you’re already working on a Kali machine, it doesn’t make sense to download the new media. Just open the terminal and run the following command to upgrade:

[email protected]:~# apt update && apt full-upgrade

To get the required images for a fresh installation, just follow this link to grab the 64-bit and 32-bit ISO and torrent files. The download page also lists different desktop environment as well, so decide accordingly.

Which ethical hacking OS do you prefer? Do let us know in comments and keep reading Fossbytes.

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